Are You Feeling the Tingling?

Herpes zoster (Shingles) | OnlineDermClinic.comI was taking a health class in college as I was actually majoring in Public Health. I wanted to go work with Aids Project San Francisco and make a difference in the lives of those who were stricken with the disease. As part of the class we had to learn about sexually transmitted diseases and I knew that it was going to be interesting to hear the latest news and whether or not a herpes cure was going to be in the foreseeable future. I heard from a person that had herpes and they said that they knew when they were going to be getting an out break of sores when they could feel the tingling in the area that they were going to pop up. It sounded like they had a warning system and I knew that it was going to be good for people who had them to know that is when they should start to pop the pills that were known as antivirals.

The herpes simplex virus is a virus for which there is no cure.

Reliable and Safe Weight Loss Supplements

... solutions for vitality garcinia cambogia supplementGarcinia CambogiaWhen you scan through the weight loss supplement marketplace, you will find thousands of products with a variety of claims about their efficacy. Some of them are chemical based, while some others contain organic products. The chemical based supplements may have some advantages over all natural supplements with their quicker results. But, chemicals are known to have their side effects on human body and can be disastrous over a long period of time. Thus, natural supplements like healthy choice garcinia cambogia would be the best way to get rid of your excess pounds.

Are you planning to assign the entire weight loss task to your preferred weight loss supplements? If so, you are unlikely to see the desired results. These supplements by themselves are going to reduce some weight. But, that won’t be as much as you expected. If you wish to have the looks of Jessica Alba, then you must engage in the weight loss activity in a proactive way. The first thing you must do is to join a well-equipped gym.

Peripheral Artery Disease: Background and Basics

Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) is a circulatory problem caused by the narrowing of arteries, due to plaque build-up.  While the name sounds scary, this is actually a common issue, more common the older you get, and is actually quite easy to diagnose.  To diagnose properly though, it is important that you understand more about this disease.  This article will go through symptoms, reasons you may be more at risk than others, plus ways to treat this disease, and even possible avoid it altogether.

First, there are some things that can put you more at risk than others.   Reasons to get checked out, without any sign of physical symptoms are:

  • Family history of PAD, heart attacks, or stroke
  • Personal history of high blood pressure or heart disease
  • Have diabetes
  • If you have smoked in the past, or you smoke now
  • If you do not lead a very active lifestyle
  • Have high cholesterol


There are some physical symptoms that you should be aware of as well, such as:

  • Pain in the legs and/or feet, bad enough at times that it wakes you at night
  • Soreness and cramping in your legs/feet when walking or any type of exercise


Since peripheral artery disease commonly gets misdiagnosed as something else, it is important to be aware of the above symptoms so you can tell your doctor about them.

Left untreated, PAD can lead to a number of unfortunate outcomes.  Since PAD is caused by the narrowing of your arteries due to plaque build-up, this means that less blood is flowing to your extremities, most commonly your legs and feet.  As your arteries continue to narrow, your limbs are not getting the blood flow they need in order to function and be healthy.  As time progresses, many patients will need to have these limbs amputated, as they are no longer a living part of your body.

There are ways to treat PAD, as well as avoid it altogether.  Once diagnosed, your doctor will typically put you on a proper diet, as well as an exercise routine, in order to stop the progression of this disease.  Also, if you are a smoker, you will need to quit immediately to avoid further complications of this disease.  There are non-evasive methods as well to open up your arteries to allow for more blood flow to your limbs.

If you are aware that you have vascular disease in your family, it is in your best interest to eat healthy and be fully active as early as possible.  Also, if you have any of the physical symptoms, be looked at by a doctor as soon as possible, as early detection is very important.

There are so many good reasons to start a healthy, active lifestyle as early as you can!  Taking care of yourself, knowing your medical history, and telling your doctor specific symptoms if they come up can all help stop the progression of a disease that can take away from a happy, healthy life!